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It’s all about talent

Hoffman is a team of extraordinary experts who always strive to surpass ourselves. Our sole mission is pushing organizations to innovate further and improve performance.

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Alex Langlois

President & Partner

Alex is a true pioneer in the world of digital transformation. For more than 20 years, he’s guided his clients with conviction, never leaving anything to chance. As the agency’s founder, he’s both our guiding light and the engine that drives our success.


Dominic Gignac

Vice President & Partner

Well-versed in all facets of the industry, Dominic has been a partner at Hoffman for six years. As the team’s technological guru, he’s an indispensable resource to all.


Josué Amédégnato

Digital project manager

Josh has been managing projects for almost a decade, and he does so in a legendarily good mood. Behind his famous smile is a dedicated problem-solver who’s always eager to tackle something new.


Patrick Béland

Creative director

Longevity in any industry means tenacity, and Patrick is proof of that fact. He’s lent his creative expertise to a slew of accounts over the past 25 years and has continued his journey at Hoffman for the past year.


Thomas Fernandes

Web developer

The going rumour is that Thomas has been at Hoffman for two years. In reality, he’s been navigating code and taking on new challenges with us for more than four years.


Franck Jorge

Web developer

Franck approaches coding with keen interest and total openness. He’s been at the heart of our team for more than two years and faces each challenge the work brings him with zeal.


Thomas Li Vigni

Artistic director

For the past two years, Tommy has been the origin of all the agency’s visual concepts. Always on the hunt for new ideas, he’s an ardent believer in finding the perfect aesthetic for each project. His dedication has earned him praise in this field for almost a decade.


David Maillard

Lead DevOps & Web Developer

David has pursued his vision of web development for nearly ten years, and it’s now been five years that our team has benefited from his know-how in the field. His leadership role is Hoffman’s beating heart.


Claire Paillier

UX/UI Design

Going above and beyond to imagine new web tools has been Claire’s strength at Hoffman for two years. She embarks on each new project with curiosity and interest.


Clémence Poulin

Project Coordinator

Clémence never misses a single detail and continually wows us with her efficiency. Her eye always on the prize, she works tirelessly to bring projects to fruition.


Wil Southiphonh

Web developer

Willy has been the quiet strength of the team for more than five years. He distinguishes himself through an unmatched sense of duty and incredible knack for finding a solution to any challenge.

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